• 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
  • 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
  • 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
  • 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
  • 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
  • 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
  • 퀵메뉴 이름 미입력
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“Your Solution Partner” InfoCube
“We will create happiness for the company with dreams and future.”

Thank you for your support of InfoCube.
InfoCube is a technology-innovative ICT venture company that focuses on technology and manpower (human resources), and has grown to become a 'High-Speed ​​Communication Technology' company by developing products and enhancing brand through years of accumulated technology and continuous research and development.

We aim to become a 100-year company pursuing shareholder and customer satisfaction and social parks.
A young company constantly striving to become the best company in the industry by securing semiconductors and 5G communication solutions incorporating our solution technology in the semiconductor and 5G communication markets with the focus on 'High-Speed ​​Communication Technology', and future AI solutions is.

Based on years of accumulated technology in PCI design and development and semiconductor solution development, we will be the No. 1 solution industry company and constantly strive to become a key company in semiconductor and communication technology beyond solution industry.

InfoCube CEO Kwan-Hyung Kim


  • Tel+82-31-707-6438
  • Fax+82-31-707-6433

6F, Naksaeng Building, 154, Seopangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Corporate registration number : 144-81-14666
Ceo : Kim Gwanhyeong

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